Even though it probably seems like summer just started, fall is right around the corner. And for most of us, that means settling in for another exciting NFL season. Whether you support the Panthers, or any other team around the league, you need to know exactly where you are going to be able to watch it all unfold. With games on the schedule on Thursday nights, Sundays, and of course Monday nights, you have plenty of chances to watch pro football all fall and winter long.

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Watching Games on TV

If you are interested in watching the games that are most-relevant to the local Charlotte-area market, watching games on TV will probably do the job for you. The Carolina Panthers games will be carried on local CBS and FOX affiliates, unless they are playing in a primetime game. As long as you have a basic cable package, you should have no trouble finding all sixteen of their games (and hopefully more!).

As a serious football fan, you probably also wish to watch some of the other big matchups that take place on a weekly basis. Following is a quick guide as to where you can find the national television games each week.

  • Thursday Night Football. Traditionally, the Thursday Night Football games have only been available on the NFL Network, which usually comes as an additional premium package from the cable company. However, this season, many of the Thursday night games will also be shown on CBS (for the first seven weeks of the regular season).
  • Sunday Night Football. Again this season, the Sunday Night Football games will be televised nationally on NBC. Also, the season opening game between Green Bay and Seattle, will be seen on NBC, even though it is being played on Thursday night. Thanks to the ‘flex-scheduling’ that is used by the NFL regarding Sunday Night Football, these are often some of the best games of the week.
  • Monday Night Football. This classic American TV institution continues again this season on ESPN. Since the entire season schedule for MNF is picked ahead of time, the matchups aren’t always as compelling as those on Sunday night. However, MNF is still a huge event each week, and most serious football fans wouldn’t miss it.

NFL Sunday Ticket

Sunday Ticket is a package available through DIRECTV that allows you to watch all of the out-of-market games each week, all season long. This package is a great choice for two groups of people – fans of teams outside of the Charlotte area, or very serious football fans that want to catch every possible second that they can. While this package does bring you tons of football, it is only available through DIRECTV, so you will have to subscribe through them if you wish to enjoy this service.

Before football season arrives, make sure you have the right channels available on your own TV so you don’t miss any games that you really want to see. Also, if you would like to upgrade your equipment or home theater installation before the games get going, contact Tecknos right away.

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