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Cutting the Cable

Cable has been a staple in American households for decades. But according to Business Insider research, nearly 5 million people have cut the cable in the last 5 years. Cutting the cable cord is a great way to save money. On average, people spend around $86 per month on cable (that’s $1032 a year!). With new technology that allows you to stream TV and movies directly to your TV without cable, many people are finding cheaper ways to watch.

Is cutting the cable cord right for you? Understanding your TV watching habits is essential to knowing if cutting the cord is right for you. Take a moment to call your Tecknos media representative to discuss your many options when it comes to home entertainment.

Ask Yourself These 2 Questions:

1. Do you watch a lot of sports?

If you watch a lot of live Sports than keeping cable is your best option. Especially, if you like watching regional sports or catching every game of a season, you will need a cable provider. But if you only watch major games, you can access those on the basic networks, ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX, through an antenna. As an alternative, you can find out where the games are playing in your community through an app on your phone. An app like Thuuz Sports shows you when and where a game will be on, whether you can catch it online, on cable, or even at local sports bars and restaurants.

2. How long can I wait to watch my shows?

If you like watching a show at the time it airs than keeping cable might be the answer. But, if you don’t mind waiting a few hours, a day, or even a whole season, you can save tons by cutting cable and using a streaming service. Many television shows are available the day after they air on streaming services. Amazon Instant Video, Google Play or iTunes sell individual episodes for $1.99-$3.99. Sometimes you can purchase a season pass for additional savings and sometimes your show will be available a few hours after airing on the network. A subscription to Hulu Plus allows you to watch most shows the day after they air and Netflix usually streams the last season during the current season.

3. Cutting the Cable Cost Breakdown

netflix Netflix Subscription – $95.88 Annually
hulu Hulu Plus – $95.88 Annually

There are costs to watching TV through streaming services, but depending on your TV watching preferences, you can save up to 50 percent. You could have a subscription to Netflix ($95.88 a year), Hulu Plus ($95.88 per year) and get 5 television series with 20 episodes per season (@ $2.99 per episode= $299 a year). This example is still about $500 less than a yearly cable subscription. You could use the savings for a better TV, a better sound system, or whatever else your family may want.

At Tecknos, we are experts in installing and integrating your whole network in order to give you great entertaining solutions for your home theater. We want to help you decide if getting rid of cable is right for you.

Wireless Audio Video

Music anywhere in your home, wirelessly

Nowadays, everyone wants the ability to see and hear what they want, when they want it. It’s getting easier all the time to do that with our personal digital devices, such as smart phones and iPads®. But while such devices can bring us nearly unlimited listening choices, they can’t bring us the room filling, high fidelity sound we also want when relaxing at home.

But conventional high fidelity audio systems have drawbacks as well. Because of their size and complexity, they’re often limited to certain rooms of the house. And extending sound to other rooms used to mean the expense and hassle of running ugly wires to remote speakers. Plus, controlling the system was complicated and limited.

Thankfully, there’s a new, affordable solution. It’s now possible to enjoy exceptionally high quality audio anywhere in your home, wirelessly.

Heos, by Denon, couldn’t be more user-friendly. Compact high performance speakers can be placed nearly anywhere in and around your home. They receive signals through the air and deliver fantastic fidelity. Perhaps best of all, you control the wireless audio video system with simple and intuitive apps on your smart phone or iPad®.

The experts at Tecknos would be delighted to show you the benefits of Heos. And they can also provide expert advice and installation of systems that bring, not only audio, but also video to any area of your home, without unsightly wires or complicated operation.

Tecknos: Let us entertain you, wirelessly. Call today.

Wireless Audio Video Solutions | Charlotte, NC

TV Installation

Affordable TV Installation starts with the professionals at Tecknos! We can be to your house before the pizza gets there!

Shop and compare you won’t find more qualified installers anywhere in Charlotte. Our technicians are fast, courteous and on time. No waiting around, just call, make an appointment and we will be to your house on time. Additionally, we won’t leave until your whole home theater system is working like you want it to. By the time we are finished even your grandma will be able to work the remote. Our TV Installers aren’t just techs. They are trained in home entertainment consultation. Our technicians can recommend the latest equipment and give you advice on the right internet service required to make your system hummmmm! In most cases we can find a way to save you money. Just let our technician take a look at your latest cable bill and we can usually find a discount that you are missing. There are also many times when you can completely get rid of a service.

  • LCD TV Installation
  • LED TV Installation
  • Plasma TV Installation
  • Projectors
  • Direct TV
  • Flat Screen TV Installations
  • Home Theater Installations
  • TV Wall Mount Equipment
  • TV Wall Mount Installation
  • Audio & Video Installation

Fast, On-time, and Courteous TV Installation in the Charlotte area!


Universal Remote Control

Too many remotes and not sure which one control what? You’re not alone. Not everyone got the “tech??? gene…in fact, most of our clients could use a little help with simplifying their entertainment components.  Think about it…what’s in your home theater? Some might have a flat screen TV, cable box and an AV receiver. Others have an entire room with a projector, big screen and lights! Either way, you likely have more than one remote to control everything. It doesn’t have to be that way!

We can set you up with a URC (Universal Remote Control).  URC has sold more than 100 million remotes in the home theater, consumer, cable TV and special markets, so we are confident in their product.


Benefits of a URC:

  • Control your entire home entertainment center with a single, easy-to-use control – audio, video, even lighting!
  • No more drawer full of remotes – 1 for the TV, 1 for the DVR, 1 for the Blu-ray Player, etc. – How about just ONE remote for everything!?
  • You can even name different rooms and/or components to make it fun and simple. Think, “Dan’s Mancave??? or “Mom’s iPod.??? These pre-sets make it easy to get powered up quickly.
  • Never run out of batteries for the remote again! Your URC comes with an attractive tabletop charging cradle so it’s always ready for action.